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  • 04/10/2020
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Authors: MA. Truong Cong Nam and partners.Unit: Thua Thien Hue Water supply Joint stock Company (HUEWACO)Prize: the First Prize of Thua Thien Hue Technology Innovation Competition in 2015.

Mr. Truong Cong Nam - Chairman of HUEWACO Board received the First Prize

Liquid chlorine is a chemical frequently used in water treatment, which is very dangerous when leaks into the environment. The author has studied and successfully applied safety measure for human and the environment when using liquid chlorine, from storage, usage and handling of chlorine gas leakage.


The chlorine gas leakage neutralization system is an automatic and close storage system. Chlorine gas leakage sensors are installed in chlorine storage and chlorine pump. Chlorine gas leakage sensors are installed at a minimum of 300 mm from the ground and is located near the top of the chlorine tank being used, where the leakage risk is highest. In case of chlorine gas leak, the sensors will transmit signals to electrical cabinets for automatic control of chlorine gas neutralization systems according to preset programs, simultaneously enabling alarm. In addition, the system also has electric remote valves for operating tanks for switching quickly when problem occurs.

Installation of automatic chlorine leakage neutralization system is during chlorine administering for water treatment. For small leakages, low chlorine gas concentration, chlorine sensors only send out warning signal (from 1ppm to ≤ 3 ppm), electric valves will be closed to isolate the source of chlorine gas leakage. Then, the operator can easily use specialized protective equipment to treat, repair the leaks. For major chlorine leakage accidents such as broken containers, broken valves..., with leaked chlorine gas concentration higher than processing capacity of the neutralizing tower, then the warehouse, with close design, will become a giant chlorine gas tank, prevents any chlorine leakage into the environment. The neutralization tower will then have enough time to operate and neutralize all leaked chlorine gas.

Chlorine neutralization tower system of HUEWACO

 Imported chlorine neutralization towers are available on market, however, the cost for this system is still very high. Engineers of HueWACO have researched, using local materials and manufacture in-house to reduce costs compared with imported system yet ensure technical specification. HueWACO improved the system by using composite to build the soda (NaOH) tank and neutralization tower. This is a cheaper material, anti-chemical corrosion better than stainless steel or steel coated with anti-rust materials used in imported systems. To increase the efficiency of chlorine gas exhaust, HueWACO designed floor ventilation system and chlorine gas collection pipe evenly distributed over the floor area. Collection pits are covered with composite lids that have ventilation holes and glass windows are installed on the wall so that the chlorine room can be viewed from outside. Such improvements reduced costs, increased durability, safety and efficiency of the system.