• Le Hoang Gia Uyen
  • 01/10/2017
  • 548 lượt đọc

Smart alarm device




Author: Le Nguyen Tuong Vi

Instructor: Dong Xuan Bay

Unit: Khe Tre Town High School, Nam Dong District


1 The innitiative

Derived from the actual situation of the increase in crime on property steal which create bad influences to social security in recent years. To protect the safety of property for people, I've created the set of product "Smart alarm device". For the purpose of making crime to run away when they are discovered breaking into protected places by the device then they will not continue the crime. The purpose of the system is both to chase the thief and to inform owners so that they can grasp the situation in anywhere

2 The requirements set out for the device.

So how do we know the crooks broke into at night when we are sleeping? Or when we are far away the protected areas?

In case we are asleep, the device has to wake us up by sounds; in case we are far from the protected location, the device has to be connected with our cellphone to alert us.

3 The novelty of the product:

On the market, we can easily find similar product but the price is relatively high (from 1.2 million VND and above). However, these products are used with power grid so it cannot be used in places where electricity is unprovided or cut by thieves. The product is made from recycled equipments which has been damaged in daily life. Electrical equipments or telecommunication equipments are reused to create the product with a very low price and the power source of the product is provide by a battery that makes it operate independently from electricity system.

4 Applicability range of the study:

The product has met the requirement of situation set out to contribute actively in the protection of the property of the State in general and households in particular.